Things to do in Indianapolis-downtown
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Beyond the 500: Unique things to do in Indianapolis

From guest writer Mark (an Indy native)~ Headed to Indianapolis for the Indy 500 or a conference? Looking for something else to do besides sit through another boring PowerPoint presentation? If you’re looking for other activities in town…
Australia frog-travel tips
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Don’t flush the frog: Our 10 dumbest travel mistakes, so far

We're experienced world travelers but that doesn't mean we don't occasionally make stupid mistakes. From flushing frogs down the toilet to being mistaken for a dominatrix, here are our top ten travel mistakes, so far: Top travel mistakes 1)…
Christmas in New Zealand Kiwi bird Auckland parade
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Christmas in New Zealand and Australia

Christmas in New Zealand and Australia comes in the summertime so it was a bit different for us, northerners raised with visions of a "White Christmas." In Auckland, we stood on the sidewalk waiting for the Santa Parade and took in the…
Street in Como, Italy

Staying in Lake Como

Lake Como in northern Italy is one of the most gorgeous places in the world; which helps explain why celebrities like actor George Clooney live in villas overlooking its aquamarine waters with the Alps forming a snow-capped backdrop. The lake…
sunbathing in Crete

Six wonderful things to do in Crete

Greece is known for its sun-drenched, historically significant islands. But perhaps the most famous and popular is the large island of Crete, a varied, culturally captivating destination that in ancient Greek mythology was the birthplace of…
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Staying at the Pineda Aparthotel in Bibione, Italy

The Venetian resort town of Bibione is a beautiful destination for a beach getaway. The gold sand beach hugs the crystal clear waters of the upper Adriatic Sea, providing a lush backdrop for a sun and surf vacation. The beach has been awarded…
Nguyen Hue Flower Street-Year of the Dragon

The Tet Flower Festival in Ho Chi Minh City

Tet, the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, is the most important holiday of the year. For me it is also the prettiest. There are displays of blossoms throughout the city, along with fireworks displays on New Year's Eve. In Ho Chi Minh City the crowning…
exterior of Johnny Cash museum

Walk the line at the Johnny Cash Museum

A museum dedicated to the Man in Black opened in Nashville, Tennessee. The Johnny Cash Museum, a block off the fabled Broadway music district, almost brings the man back to life through artful displays of recordings, artifacts and…
Pere Lachaise cemetery Jim Morrison tomb graffiti

The ghosts of Paris at Pere Lachaise

As the Woody Allen film Midnight in Paris depicted, the City of Lights has a long history of attracting fascinating characters. All those people eventually have to end up somewhere, often at Pere Lachaise and Montparnasse Cemetery. Paris has…
Benjamin Franklin statue on the Philadelphia Liberty Trail
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Philadelphia Liberty Trail: Our first book is here!

When we departed Philadelphia in 2011 we thought we'd explore the world for a year and then figure out what we wanted to do when we grew up. We started writing stories about our journey on this blog and for a new series called "A Year in…
Buenos Aires subte subway crime
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Fending off pickpockets on the Buenos Aires subway

Locals warned us to be alert on the Buenos Aires subway, or  "subte," because the city is the pickpocketing capital of the world. Most major cities have petty crime so we were careful, as we are anywhere, but also wouldn't let it affect our…
chile ristras, first thanksgiving in texas

Hey Pilgrim: The first Thanksgiving was in Texas (in April)

The first Thanksgiving was in Texas? Well, THAT certainly goes against what every American kid learns in elementary school! But travel opens your eyes to all sorts of new possibilities, and a visit to west Texas challenged our childhood memories…
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Your Independence Day: How to live a nomadic life

We’ve been on the road since 2011 with no home and no fixed address. Whenever we meet people they are surprised that we are true nomads. The first question we often get is, “How do you live a nomadic life?” Here are some tips for wandering…
Beamy with D-day memorabilia

Local Hero: Meeting a D-Day veteran

Despite all the globe-hopping and monument seeking, the best aspect of travel is the people we meet along the way. They're the ones who provide us the stories that make travel a more enriching experience. This came into sharp focus at a recent…
Illumination from the Book of Kells

Seeing the Book of Kells in Dublin

Maybe it seems unusual to visit a dusty old library on vacation. But because my dad was a dusty old librarian himself it doesn’t seem odd to me at all, particularly when it’s the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin. Dating back to 1592…
Man with fish illustration-sydney fish marke
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Getting fresh at the Sydney Fish Market

The other day I read an article that highlighted the 12 worst tourist traps in the world. One of them was a place we were due to visit the following day, the Sydney Fish Market. We thought about not going there but were we really going to let…

Hidden sights in Sofia, Bulgaria

If you are planning a holiday to Sofia it is worth checking out some of the gems that are tucked away in this beautiful city. The Bulgarian capital is increasingly popular with tourists from Europe, so if you want to avoid the crowds on your…

Free things to do in Venice, and a few cheap ones

One of the biggest misconceptions of travel is that everything to do in famous cities is very expensive. But with a little exploration, a visitor can find free things to do, cheap eats and low-cost stays, even on a long weekend in Venice. So…