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After almost 8 years of full-time wandering, we’ve picked up a lot of useful travel tips and hacks and share them with you here. We’ve also discovered travel resources that help to both inspire and plan your next vacation. Our travel tips are divided into several categories, which should make it easier to find the information most important to you.  Below we explain a bit more about each of the travel tip categories, with links to relevant articles.

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Packing & Luggage

What should you pack for a week in Europe? How about a one-year trip around the world? Which are the best shoes to take . . .and which ones should you leave at home? How big a suitcase . . .or should it be a backpack . . . .the list goes on. Tips in this category address what you should pack (and what you shouldn’t), which travel gear and gizmos are worth taking, and just what type of luggage you should take. Click for tips about luggage, packing and travel gear.

Lodging & Transportation

Eight years of full-time travel means we’re constantly exploring different lodging options. From vacation rentals, hotels, Airbnb rooms . . . and even a bedouin cave, we share our experiences and tips, to help you find the best place to stay. In the process of finding all these beds, we’ve flown around the world, taken road trips on 5 continents and taken countless trains, buses, ferries, tuk tuks and a horse or two. These tips about lodging and transportation will help you pick the right place to stay, with a minimum of hassle getting there.

Practical Travel Tips & Hacks

This is our category for virtually everything that has to do with making your life easier while traveling. Here you’ll find tips about budgeting, planning, phone usage, language translators, etc. If you don’t see it here, send us a note and ask . . . we might be working on a post about that very issue! Practical travel tips and hacks.

Travel Inspiration

We hope this travel blog in general will inspire your travels, but if you’re seeking a little more to get you in the mood, this is the place to go. Posts here include some of the musings that got us traveling in the first place, along with thoughts and observations along the way. We’re also avid readers about the world’s wonderful places; you’ll find reviews of books that gave us good insight on a particular location, or motivated us to visit. You might find the occasional quote or photo essay–these are things that embody our “Just Go Already!” philosophy. Click here for some Travel Inspiration.