Street vendor selling herbs in Jerusalem muslim quarter

Jerusalem, it’s complicated

Jerusalem is the most difficult city to decipher on earth. That’s not just us saying it. Try finding it on Google Maps. For security reasons high-resolution satellite pictures are not available, reducing the city to a fuzzy haze. This complexity…
Security wall in Israel Banksy mural

A glimpse behind the security wall in Israel

Whenever there is a wall dividing one group from another it provides an irresistible canvas to artists, both political and otherwise. After seeing the murals on the "peace walls" in Belfast and the surviving sections of the Berlin…
Food in Israel Yehuda Mehane Market Jerusalem challah bread

The surprising food in Israel

When we arrived in Israel we expected to stuff ourselves with Middle Eastern treats such as falafel and hummus, what we didn't expect was some of the tastiest fruit and sweetest pastries of our journey. Israel has managed to create vast produce…
Bali beach trash
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Drowning in a sea of plastic

One of the more sobering aspects of our journey has been the environmental abuse we’ve seen, sometimes in the least likely places. Although we've traveled all over the world and written about some incredible sights, the story that resonated…
Via Dolorosa sign

In the footsteps of Christ on the Via Dolorosa

The Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem is the traditional path that Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion. Following the fourteen Stations of the Cross up the hill towards Mount Cavalry is a pilgrimage for Christians worldwide who descend in droves…