Tips on how to embrace a slow travel philosophy, as well as great slow travel destinations

House sitters wanted, long term house sitting jobs

How to find house sitting jobs around the world: a guide to using Nomador

Since we travel full-time, we’re always looking for creative lodging options. Staying in far-flung destinations around the world—particularly for a week or more—can get expensive. A few years ago we discovered house sitting, a solution…

The scent of home in Hong Kong

We'd been in Hong Kong for a week and always noticed a particularly strong aroma of something faintly spicy, with vanilla overtones, on a walkway near our apartment.  We thought that whoever lived there must be an excellent cook. It smelled…
Larissa and Michael Milne in Florence

So you want to chuck it all and travel the world?

Our friends tell us, “You’re living the dream.” Well . . . yes and no. In 2011, when Larissa was 52 and Michael 51, we walked away from our jobs in, respectively, life sciences and commercial real estate. Heartbreaking personal circumstances…
bison in yellowstone park
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Visiting Yellowstone in Fall: 3 Surefire ways to avoid the Crowds

Is it worth it to visit Yellowstone in fall? We say yes. There may be a few less things open, but there are a LOT less PEOPLE. The weather in Yellowstone in September is still mild, with chilly nights that are actually quite cozy. Yellowstone…
bhuddist pagoda, ho chi minh city

Sometimes it’s best to get lost while traveling

During a nighttime stroll, we had become lost in the dimly lit, maze-like streets of old Saigon. A series of turns led us into a narrow alley whose sole purpose seemed to be connecting to other alleys. The winding streets felt as though laid…
Athenaeum Bucharest Romania

A surprising week in Bucharest

We recently enjoyed a week in Bucharest, a city that pleasantly surprised us. While the Romanian capital is not among the first cities people think of when visiting Europe, we found it quite charming and extremely affordable. Initially we looked…
Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia Afterdeck

Queen for a Day on the Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia, the private yacht of the British royal family, is open to visitors just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland.  No longer in active service, HMY (Her Majesty's Yacht) Britannia served the royal family for almost 45 years. The…
Downtown LA-City hall tower and signposts

No car required: Walking around downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the focus of a sprawling metropolitan area with widespread places like Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Pasadena, all connected by the infamous freeways, making day trips from Los Angles an easy thing to do. But walking around downtown…
highland cow (shaggy with big horns) in Devon, England

Our encounter with killer cows in England

We were staying for two weeks in the bucolic Devon countryside, nestled in a remote cottage perched on the edge of Dartmoor. This legendary, perhaps haunted, bog was made famous in works such as The Hound of the Baskervilles. Our visions of…

How Airbnb Works: 6 Useful Tips from experienced Airbnb Veterans

Michael and I have been on the road for ten (!) years now with no fixed address, yet people still ask us where we call home. We finally have a good answer: we live at Airbnb. We thought it would be useful to explain how Airbnb works. We…
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Your Independence Day: How to live a nomadic life

We’ve been on the road since 2011 with no home and no fixed address. Whenever we meet people they are surprised that we are true nomads. The first question we often get is, “How do you live a nomadic life?” Here are some tips for wandering…
Flame-diana memorial paris

Exploring off the beaten path sights in Paris

Attracting millions of tourists a year, Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world. But there are still plenty of off the beaten path sights in Paris where a visitor can roam freely. Explore the hidden gardens of the Eiffel…
Picpus cemetery Paris

5 less crowded sights in Paris: Michael’s list

On a first trip to Paris most visitors go through the checklist of "must-see" attractions: The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame are usually the most popular. But there are many less crowded sights in Paris. Imagine strolling…
Paris canal Saint-Martin

5 less crowded sights in Paris: Larissa’s List

Last week Michael wrote about some of his less crowded sights in Paris. We both love the nooks and crannies of the City of Light, and fortunately there are plenty of them. My suggestions are a little less grim than his—I prefer…
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Road trip in Africa: How to take a self-drive safari

Is it possible to travel on your own in Africa?  I really wanted to go on a safari, but Michael's not too big on nature stuff and neither of us like group tours.  The challenge was on: I needed to find a way for us to take a road trip, seeing…
elephants and zebras at waterhole Etosha

How to travel for a year: Picking destinations

The second most popular question we get about how to travel for a year has been: How do you decide where to go? (We’ll tell you the most common question later.) Trip planning is different for everybody but here’s how we did it. We knew…

How to travel for a year: Beyond Backpacks and Hostels

Earlier this year we attended the Travel Bloggers Unite conference where we met many people who were going to travel for a year. Most of them were lugging huge backpacks, while we had wheeled suitcases. One girl looked longingly at…
Mothers Day Travel

Traveling with Mom in Italy

As a schoolteacher, my mother Marian has always had a natural curiosity about the world and a love of travel which she instilled in her two sons. When I was nine years old she took us on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Grand Canyon. For…