Buenos Aires subte subway crime
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Fending off pickpockets on the Buenos Aires subway

Locals warned us to be alert on the Buenos Aires subway, or  "subte," because the city is the pickpocketing capital of the world. Most major cities have petty crime so we were careful, as we are anywhere, but also wouldn't let it affect our…
dollops of dulce de leche in ceramic spoons

Is dulce de leche the best flavor in the world?

Dulce de leche seems simple. It's made up of just two ingredients: milk and sugar. The milk and sugar are slowly cooked so the sugar caramelizes, creating an intense, complex sweetness that is the best flavor on earth. The birthplace of…
Recoleta cemetery evita plaque

Seeking Evita among the angels at Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta is the most famous cemetery in Buenos Aires, not just because it's the burial place of Eva Peron. It's a beautiful place to visit and home to almost 100 stray cats. They're truly fat cats since a group of women feeds them twice a day.…
Vintage Studebaker Uruguay
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Photos of colorful vintage cars of South America

We first noticed it on the drive from the airport. Buenos Aires is a city full of vintage cars. Not the pre-Castro cars that have become a moving historic landmark in Cuba, but solid American cars from the 60s and 70s, particularly Ford Falcons.…
Original Starbucks Pike Place Market
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10 food tourist traps to avoid

We've all fallen for them; food places the guidebooks say you absolutely must try when visiting a certain city.  So we join all the other tourists who've read the same guides and wait on long lines for what turns out to be overrated, mediocre,…