Tips on how to embrace a slow travel philosophy, as well as great slow travel destinations

Angkor Wat bas relief

Visiting Angkor Wat without crowds

Siem Reap, Cambodia ~ We bounced along the road in a tuk-tuk—picture a rickshaw attached to a moped—anxious for our first glimpse through the trees of the temple of Angkor Wat. Our imaginations flared with visions of hacking our way…

A calm haven in frenzied Beijing

Published on Sun, Oct. 9, 2011 in The Philadelphia Inquirer     By Larissa and Michael Milne For The Inquirer BEIJING - It was a late-summer day, and the air was thick with the combination of humidity and smog particular to this capital…
rickshaw driver

Are you happier than a rickshaw driver?

In Sydney last night we had the opportunity to attend a worldwide movie phenomenon known as the "Happy movie", directed by American filmmaker Roko Belic. He was previously nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary for the film, Genghis…
Travel long term vacation rental PAris apartment

Guide to vacation apartment rentals: Skip the hotel and rent a place

Part of planning a long trip is considering where to stay. For long-term travel, hotels can be too expensive or impractical while finding a vacation apartment rental by owner is often a better choice. A vacation apartment rental is usually cheaper…