Cincinnati coneys-hot dogs with chili and cheese on top

Where is the best Cincinnati chili? (And what is it?)

Cincinnati chili is one of those things you either get it or you don't. Among national food critics it’s developed a love it or hate it reputation that brings out the snark. As with many regional food favorites, it helps to have grown up there.…
Bats at dusk, bridge Austin, Texas

Quirky America: Going batty in Austin, Texas

The capital city of Texas is famous for the motto “Keep Austin Weird.” Not only is it the self-proclaimed live music capital of America, it also provides the best setting (other than a cave) to see the bats of Austin, a nightly event with…
Benjamin Franklin statue on the Philadelphia Liberty Trail
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Philadelphia Liberty Trail: Our first book is here!

When we departed Philadelphia in 2011 we thought we'd explore the world for a year and then figure out what we wanted to do when we grew up. We started writing stories about our journey on this blog and for a new series called "A Year in…
Belfast peace mural

Photos: Should the Belfast murals remain?

Belfast is famous for how its sectarian divide is portrayed in the murals plastered on building walls in Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods. The Belfast murals promote various factions in the centuries old struggle for dominance in this…
wood bruinng pizza florence central market

Mangia: Eating at the Florence Central Market!

Guest post ~ Florence is well known for its museums and historical attractions like Michelangelo’s David. But amid the vibrant streets near the Duomo stands a building which no visitor should miss. It hosts a real temple of food: the Mercato…
Rodeo rider in Kissimmee Florida

Finding Authentic Cowboy Heritage . . . in Central Florida

It’s no surprise to anyone that central Florida is a vacation destination with attractions galore. But did you know it’s also a great place to see national circuit rodeo? Tucked amid the theme parks and cartoon characters and water slides…
Surf Ballroom Buddy Holly final concert

Buddy Holly’s final show: Visiting the Surf Ballroom

In Don McLean’s song American Pie, he refers to the death of rock-and-roll star Buddy Holly on February 3, 1959 due to a plane crash in an Iowa cornfield as “the day the music died.” Earlier Holly had played a concert at the Surf…
Bali food ingredients

Photos: Foods of Bali

Satay grilling over coals made of coconut shells . . . fresh fish wrapped in banana leaves . . . fragrant coconut rice . . . these are some of the tastes of our recent visit to Bali.  The island’s cuisine relies heavily on its abundant…
Larissa at the border of Canada & Point Roberts Washington

Quirky America: Why you need a passport to visit Point Roberts, Washington

The quaint hamlet of Point Roberts, Washington looks like a piece of Norman Rockwell's America. Seattle Seahawks flags flap in the breeze while families frolic at the beach. But then something seems out of place: gasoline prices are listed…
Buenos Aires subte subway crime
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Fending off pickpockets on the Buenos Aires subway

Locals warned us to be alert on the Buenos Aires subway, or  "subte," because the city is the pickpocketing capital of the world. Most major cities have petty crime so we were careful, as we are anywhere, but also wouldn't let it affect our…
husky dogs reindeer sausage alaska

Local flavor: Trying reindeer sausage in Alaska

Anchorage's Town Square Park on West 5th Avenue is a festive place. Particularly during the summer when the waning orange glow of the sun at 11 pm sort of makes it feel like sunrise. Which got me in the mood for breakfast, or was it the dueling…

Never too old: Learning how to surf in our 50s

In our 11+ years of journeying around the globe we've tried to experience new things and seek adventure outside our comfort zone. Earlier in the year we rode horses for the first time and later Larissa flew an aerobatic plane upside down in…
chile ristras, first thanksgiving in texas

Hey Pilgrim: The first Thanksgiving was in Texas (in April)

The first Thanksgiving was in Texas? Well, THAT certainly goes against what every American kid learns in elementary school! But travel opens your eyes to all sorts of new possibilities, and a visit to west Texas challenged our childhood memories…
My Lai Memorial

Footprints at My Lai

On a gray, overcast day I was driving by endless miles of verdant green rice paddies to the central Vietnamese hamlet of Son My. In 1968 this was the site of the notorious incident known as the My Lai Massacre; when American soldiers killed…

Hidden remnants of the Cold War in Berlin

I was strolling along Bernauer Strasse during a foggy night typical of Berlin. The low-lying mist shrouded the streetlamps, casting sepia shadows on the neighborhood. The hues were reminiscent of old newsreels from August, 1963, when this street…
Beamy with D-day memorabilia

Local Hero: Meeting a D-Day veteran

Despite all the globe-hopping and monument seeking, the best aspect of travel is the people we meet along the way. They're the ones who provide us the stories that make travel a more enriching experience. This came into sharp focus at a recent…

Quirky America: Visiting Carhenge in Nebraska

We've taken road trips all over the world but still love driving around America the most due to the wide variety of unusual roadside attractions in the United States. One of the more off-beat highlights of our autumn road trip across America…
US Helicopter on roof-vietnam museum

Echoes of distant thunder: Visiting Vietnam today

The echoes of war have gradually faded in Vietnam as the country has rebounded from decades of conflict to create a thriving modern economy; one sign of the forward looking times, former adversaries are now welcomed. There are plenty of ways…