Belgrade Cathedral of Saint Sava

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EurotribeFrom guest writer Zorica ~ Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, dates back to the 4th-century BC and is one of Europe’s oldest cities. Because there are many free things to do in Belgrade it is an inexpensive place to visit.

1) Stroll downtown Belgrade

Belgrade downtown

One of the best ways to discover Belgrade is by walking and discovering its streets and architecture. The heart of the city is Trg Republike (Republic Square) and it is best known for the statue of Prince Mihailo on its horse, which is a favorite meeting point for locals. Prince Mihailo Street or Knez Mihailova in Serbian is the most valuable landmark of the city and this pedestrian zone is always full of people and tourists,  it is also home to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art. Other landmarks in the area include: the Hotel Moscow, the fountain of Terazije and Albania Palace.

2) Visit Kalemegdan Park and the Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade Military museum

Another famous spot of the city has the most beautiful overlook at Belgrade, the confluence of the Sava River into Danube and the Great War Island. It is a unique, open-air museum of the capital and it is divided into four parts: Lower Town, Upper Town, Little Kalemegdan and Great Kalemegdan. Here you can view the Nebojša Tower, the statue of Pobednik (the Victor), Roman Well, the Monument of the Gratitude to France and the Military Museum. Although the entrance to the Military Museum costs (1.30 €), outside the museum’s main building many armored cars, tanks and artillery pieces from World War II are on display for free. If the cultural activities tire you out, find a picnic spot in the park and enjoy the beautiful view of the city!

3) Enjoy the water

Belgrade Ada Ciganlija

Belgrade’s Sea is actually Ada Ciganlija, the favorite park of Belgraders. Sava Lake has 7km of gravel beaches that offer refreshment in hot summer months. Besides swimming, other activities include playing water polo, water-skiing and kayaking. It is also possible to ride a bicycle, play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports at various sport courts of Ada. The entry is free for pedestrians.  You can walk or cycle the circular path around the lake, bicycles are available for hire.

4) Go sightseeing by tram

Belgrade Railway Station

Another great way to see the city is with a tram called “Belgrade.” It is a guided tour organized by the Tourist Organization of Belgrade and the cool thing is that the tram sightseeing is totally free. The tour lasts about 60 minutes, taking visitors through some of the most interesting places in the city starting from the zoo, stopping at the Kalemegdan park,  the Railway Station, Nemanjina Street (where you can see destroyed buildings from the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999) and Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard.  Note that the limited number of spots per tram is 25 persons, you should apply for the tour at some of the Tourist Information Centers in the city. The tour is available in English every Friday from 20-21h and Saturday from 18-19h.

5) Drink up at the Belgrade beer fest

Belgrade Beer Fest

This is an annual beer festival that is held for a few days in August and promotes various beer producers. The festival is also known for its good music program and over the years has hosted many acclaimed artists.  Besides Gucha this is the most visited festival in Serbia and the entrance is free of charge!

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