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Beyond the 500: Unique things to do in Indianapolis

From guest writer Mark (an Indy native)~ Headed to Indianapolis for the Indy 500 or a conference? Looking for something else to do besides sit through another boring PowerPoint presentation? If you’re looking for other activities in town you’re in luck because there are many unique things to do in Indianapolis. Newfields: Indianapolis Museum of Art, […]


Mangia: Eating at the Florence Central Market!

Guest post ~ Florence is well known for its museums and historical attractions like Michelangelo’s David. But amid the vibrant streets near the Duomo stands a building which no visitor should miss. It hosts a real temple of food: the Mercato Centrale (Central Market). Eating at the Florence Central Market is something no visitor should […]

10 Free and cheap things to do in San Francisco

Visitors to the City by the Bay, and even locals like me, are always looking for free and cheap things to do in San Francisco. From hilly streets to chocolate treats, here are 10 of my favorites: 1. Explore the secret parks (called “POPOS”) that downtown building owners don’t want you to find. Due to a […]

Facing deadly komodo dragons in Indonesia

From guest writer Ray Uzanas ~ I was barely ten years old when I drew a picture of a Komodo dragon lizard; the image copied from a library book about reptiles. I was fascinated with the forked-tongued creatures that look like relics from prehistoric times and dreamed of some day seeing one in person. Though decades […]


Hidden sights in Sofia, Bulgaria

If you are planning a holiday to Sofia it is worth checking out some of the gems that are tucked away in this beautiful city. The Bulgarian capital is increasingly popular with tourists from Europe, so if you want to avoid the crowds on your travels, a visit to these attractions should be on your itinerary. […]


Free things to do in Venice, and a few cheap ones

One of the biggest misconceptions of travel is that everything to do in famous cities is very expensive. But with a little exploration, a visitor can find free things to do, cheap eats and low-cost stays, even on a long weekend in Venice. So how do you keep costs to a minimum on a holiday to this […]

Free things to do in Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city, attracts travelers indulging their passions for culture, history, art, great food and more. Fortunately, after all that indulging there are plenty of free things to do in Porto. By doing a little research before they set off on their Portugal holidays, visitors can make sure they don’t bust their budgets while staying […]

Free things to do in Rome, if you want to

Guest post by Davide Vadalà ~ If you are traveling to my hometown of Rome on a budget you’re in luck because there many free things to do in Rome. It’s an open-air museum where you can visit most of the “not to be missed” attractions for free. Even though I’m abroad most of the time, […]

Visiting Tana Toraja, a hideaway in Indonesia

From guest writer Nico ~ It is the end of the wet season and the land is a rich hue of greens. The deep terraced valleys and floodplains are covered in a quilted patchwork of rice paddy fields. The rice has been planted in rotation; some is ready to harvest, the stalks heavy with grain bend […]

Free things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Free things to do in Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful capital city, is the second most popular UK destination for overseas visitors. More than one million visitors hit the streets of Edinburgh each year to enjoy the city’s culture, cuisine and history. City breaks can be pricey but if you’re looking for great cheap holidays, spending your […]

Mostly free things to do in Auckland

Guest Post from Kathryn I grew up in New Zealand and was always looking for free things to do in Auckland. From nature hikes to museums to contemporary art, here are a few of my favorites. 1)  Stroll the boardwalk between Mission Bay and St Heliers Bay Auckland has one of the most beautiful harbours […]

Free things to do in Cairns, Australia; even free scuba

Cairns is a popular jumping off point to explore the Great Barrier Reef. There are many free things to do in Cairns, we’ll even give you some tips on how you can scuba for free. Since Australia is so expensive, you have to take advantage of “free.” Here is a short list of free adventures I went […]

Free things to do in Florence

Beyond its main sights like the Uffizi Gallery, the statue of David,  and the Duomo, there are many free things to do in Florence. Here are five of my favorites. Mercato Centrale Don’t miss the Mercato Centrale, a huge indoor food market. It’s filled with Tuscan delights: fresh salads, olive oils, salami, cheeses, beautiful produce, […]

Free things to do in Belgrade: One of Europe’s oldest cities

EurotribeFrom guest writer Zorica ~ Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, dates back to the 4th-century BC and is one of Europe’s oldest cities. Because there are many free things to do in Belgrade it is an inexpensive place to visit. 1) Stroll downtown Belgrade One of the best ways to discover Belgrade is by

Free things to do in Medellin

From guest writer Dani Blanchette ~ Medellin, Colombia has emerged from a turbulent past and evolved into a modern city on the forefront of technology and public transportation. There are many free things to do in Medellin for all ages. Here are some of my favorite free activities in Medellin. 1. The Botanical Gardens Check out the iguanas at the […]

11 free things to do in Boston

By Lola of Lola’s Travels ~ When I think of Boston, the first things that come to mind are Harvard, Paul Revere & the Boston Tea Party. There is so much history here and those few things are just the start of an exciting visit. Luckily, there are many historically significant and interesting free things to do […]

Free things to do in Bangkok

By Bethaney Davies ~ Surprisingly, there aren’t many free things to do in Bangkok. Many of Bangkok’s attractions (with the exception of the Grand Palace) cost next to nothing to attend but if you’re doing a lot of sightseeing on a tight budget even the smallest entrance fees can add up. Here are five truly free things to […]