Road Trips & Classic Car Museums

Kangaroo road sign in Australian Outback
Michael with truck at Sossusvlei red dunes in Namibia
Larissa and Michael at Carhenge, Nebraska
Loneliest Road-Nevada-open road with mountains
Elephant and zebra in Namibia

We love taking road trips! There’s nothing like hitting the open road to get you away from the crowds and tourist trap. When we drive we see a more authentic portion of the local landscape. We’ve taken road trips all over the world, from the Australian Outback, to a Self-Drive Safari in Namibia, to The Loneliest Road in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

And taking road trips involves . . . cars. The world is filled with quirky car-related sights on the side of the road, like Cadillac Ranch in Texas or Nebraska’s Carhenge. There are also wonderful classic car museums that recall road trips of days gone by. Michael chronicles some of our car-related discoveries in his monthly column in Hemmings Motor News. We’ve found so many in our travels, Michael wrote a guidebook to America’s Classic Car Museums (which has been so popular, it’s now in its second edition -YAY!🎉).

If you’re itching to put your pedal to the metal, or just check out some awesome classic cars (and some quirky car-related sights), take a look at some of these posts:

Transfagarasan Highway
Surf Ballroom Buddy Holly final concert