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For the past two years Michael has been traveling with an Eagle Creek Expanse underseat rolling luggage bag, also known as a rolling tote bag or wheeled tote. It’s his go-to bag for a long weekend or his second (i.e. carryon) bag for a longer trip. Since we travel full-time, those longer trips can be six months or more.

Review of Eagle Creek Expanse Wheeled Tote Carry-On

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When we started traveling permanently in 2011, we each  traveled with the same luggage configuration: a 21-inch two-wheeled suitcase plus a computer bag sized shoulder tote, both that could fit as carry-on luggage. We would stack the two and breeze through the airport with ease.

Now that many airlines limit the number of carry-on items, we often check our wheeled suitcases (check out our separate review of the Travelpro Maxlite Spinner). But we still had to slog those heavy shoulder totes through the airport (no fun!).

And carrying heavy baggage is not only no fun, it’s also bad for you. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggests, “choose luggage with wheels and a handle.” It was time to look for a tote with wheels, which is how we came across the Eagle Creek Expanse bag.

Searching for Underseat Rolling Luggage

Eagle Creek Expanse Wheeled tote in blue
The bag comes in blue, red and (Michael’s favorite) black

Our ideal bag needed to be lightweight and small enough to fit under an airplane seat. We also wanted a large open compartment to stow bulky items like a computer and toiletry kit . This meant wheeled briefcases wouldn’t work (too many panels for files). Also essential was the elusive “trolley strap”: the band on the back of the bag that allows you to slide it over the handle of your larger suitcase. Several bags we tried in the store did not have a trolley strap, making them essentially unstackable. For us, this is a serious flaw; ease of mobility is a must when traveling.

After a great deal of searching, we found the Eagle Creek Expanse Wheeled Tote Carry-On, which we refer to affectionately as the “bowling bag.” It really does look like something Fred and Barney would be carrying into the Bedrock Bowling Alley (except for the wheels) on the Flintstones. Larissa still uses her trusty Quilted Tote (she calls it “the perfect wheeling totebag,” which is a similar style bag, but a little more “girly.”)

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Our favorite feature: the trolley strap

In addition to meeting our size requirements, this bag has an elasticized back slip panel. The panel makes it easy to stack on top of most pieces of luggage. This means walking with both pieces of luggage is much more comfortable. This feature is crucial. You’d be surprised how many small wheeled bags we come across that can’t be stacked . . .solely because they lack a trolley strap!

The trolley strap on the Eagle Creek Expanse wheeled tote
The “trolley strap” has an elastic panel, making it much easier to slide over the handle of another piece of luggage.

The bag measures 13.75-by-14.5-by-8.5 inches, small enough to fit under an airplane seat. But it’s large enough to fit a 13-inch MacBook Air along with assorted items (medications, reading material, electrical adapters, and personal papers). These are the things that we don’t want to put in checked luggage. It also weighs a mere four pounds.

Eagle Creek Expanse as a Rolling Weekender Bag

The bag is an excellent main piece of luggage for a long weekend trip or as a supplemental bag for a longer trip. For a weekend trip I fit the following in the bag:

Collection of items that fit in a rolling weekender bag
  • Pair of chinos
  • Pair of shoes
  • 13-inch MacBook Air computer
  • Two pairs of socks, two t-shirts, two pairs of underwear
  • One short-sleeved shirt
  • Gym shorts
  • Toiletry kit (also, by coincidence,  Eagle Creek)
  • Kit for meds
  • Electrical adaptors for phone and computer
  • Wallet with extra money, credit cards, ID, various papers, business cards
  • Notebook

Here are some sequential photos showing all of the above being packed into the bag in layers:

There was also room left over for additional clothing or small items. Plus, the two exterior zippered pockets keep things I want to reach easily on a flight like tickets, snacks, and reading material.

Summary of our Eagle Creek luggage review:

Eagle Creek Expanse tote on the street-compact, but carries a lot.

Michael has been traveling with this bag for two years now and it’s been all over Asia, Europe, and North America. It’s proving to be a solid, reliable performer. It is sturdily built and provides just enough pockets for separate storage areas. Meanwhile, there’s still enough room for chunky items. Best of all, there is no strain on our shoulders! (This takes away some of the sting of having to pay baggage fees for our other suitcases. 😕)

And who knows, maybe he’ll even take up bowling again. 🎳

Purchase the Eagle Creek Expanse Wheeled Carry-on Tote at Amazon

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