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Our 10 top travel stories of 2013

by Michael

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2013 has been a wild year. We’ve been roaming around North America and catching up on some of the stories we missed from our overseas travel. From discovering that dulce de leche in Argentina may be the best flavor in the world to the surprising city of Buffalo, here are our top travel stories of 2013 that struck a chord with our readers.

1) Is dulce de leche the best flavor in the world?

La Salamandra spoonful and cookie

Dulce de leche seems simple. It’s made up of just two ingredients: milk and sugar. The milk and sugar are slowly cooked so the sugar caramelizes, creating an intense, complex sweetness that is the best flavor on earth. Read all about it at: Is dulce de leche the best flavor in the world?

2) Unique things to do in Buffalo, for real

Jackson pollack albright knox gallery

We thought we were just going to see Niagara Falls; but when we stopped off in Buffalo we found so much to do there that we stayed for a week. With a wide range of food choices, including chargrilled hot dogs and the West Side Bazaar which features Burmese, Peruvian, Thai, Japanese and Ethiopian food under one roof,  we’ll have to return to try it all. So wing it over to: 11 unique things to do in Buffalo.

3) 14 travel myths debunked (Part I and II)

Bali Kuta Beach trash

Are the French rude? Is Bali (pictured above) a paradise? Besides Dennis Rodman, who would travel to North Korea? We peek under the covers of these and other travel myths in: 14 Travel myths debunked.

4) The Rocky statue travels around the world

Rocky Buddhist nuns (640x621)

Okay, if you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that since we’re from Philadelphia we’ve been traveling around the world with a statue of the most famous Philadelphian of all time; no, not Benjamin Franklin or Will Smith, but movie icon Rocky Balboa. He encourages us to go the distance and is quite a crowd-pleaser. Check out some of the stories and pics as the Rocky statue travels around the world.

5) Local Hero: Meeting a D-Day veteran

Meeting a d day veteran map (650x549)

Quite often it’s the people we encounter who create the most compelling stories. That was the case when we met a World War II veteran, former First Sergeant Maynard “Beamy” Beamesderfer, who parachuted into Normandy the night before the D-Day invasion. Read more at: Meeting a D-Day Veteran.

6) A modern American ghost town

Picher Oklahoma abandoned town

The town of Picher in northeastern Oklahoma was abandoned several years ago due to toxic leavings from mining operations. However, the town still remains. Take an eerie look at an intact, but empty, town: Picher Oklahoma — A modern American ghost town.

7) The 11 best sandwiches in the world

Katzs deli New york pastrami best sandwiches in the world

Since we travel on a budget we’ve become expert at finding cheap tasty sandwiches; but were a little surprised at one that cost only 35 cents: The 11 best sandwiches in the world.

8) How to live a nomadic life

how to live a nomadic life bedouin camp

We’ve been on the road for over two years now so offer a few tips on lightening your load and living a wandering lifestyle, including a warning that ketchup may be a gateway condiment: How to live a nomadic life.

9) One night in Saigon

chaum lam pagoda saigon entrance (625x554)

We’re working on a book called Changes in Longitude: How One Couple Traveled the World to Transform Their Lives. As we show it to agents and publishers we shared the first chapter — Prologue to a journey: One night in Saigon.

10) There’s no place like Earth: The world as home

CHIL book proposal Larissa Michael Milne (1280x982) (800x614)

After two plus years on the road, we don’t consider any one place home anymore. A year into our journey we wrote this story for the Philadelphia Inquirer about some of the highlights of living life as global nomads: There’s no place like Earth.

Thanks so much for reading our stories. If you have anything you’d like to see covered in 2014, or are seeking any travel tips, please leave a comment below and let us know.

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