Vintage Studebaker Uruguay

Last Updated on August 14, 2019 by Larissa

We first noticed it on the drive from the airport. Buenos Aires is a city full of vintage cars. Not the pre-Castro cars that have become a moving historic landmark in Cuba, but solid American cars from the 60s and 70s, particularly Ford Falcons. They used to be built in Argentina and judging by what we saw, they were built to last. It’s not unusual to see people driving around cars that are 50 years old. Here are a few of our favorite vintage cars of Latin America:

Vintage cars of Latin America Buenos Aires ford falcon


Vintage cars Buenos Aires blue falcon Larissa

Larissa checks out her new ride.

Vintage cars Latin America Buenos Aires blue falcon dashboard

What’s on your dashboard?

Vintage cars Latin America Buenos Aires white Ford Taurus


Buenos Aires vintage car green falcon

A tango musician gets ready for the night’s gig.

Vintage cars Buenos Aires black Peugeot


Vintage cars Buenos Aires orange pickup truck (575x446)

 We thought all the old trucks were orange until we realized it was rust.

Vintage cars of Buenos Aires VW bus


Vintage cars Latin America Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires vintage graffiti car

Buenos Aires may be the world leader in graffiti. Apparently if a car is parked long enough it’ll become a canvas too.

Vintage cars of Uruguay

We took a ferry to Colonia Del Sacramento in Uruguay, a town even more known for the old cars still plying its streets.

Vintage Studebaker Uruguay

A Studebaker in primo condition. 

Vintage Austin grill

A vintage Austin grill still gleams.

Vintage car orange volkswagen Uruguay

There must be some excellent German mechanics in Uruguay and Argentina because there are old Volkswagen Beetles everywhere.

 Vintage car planter

If a car sits around look enough it makes a wonderful planter.

Vintage cars of Colombia

The most popular vintage car in Bogota appears to be the Volkswagen Beetle. One Sunday afternoon we saw all four of these vying for attention in one block:

Colombia Bogota vintage blue VW beetle

 Colombia Bogota vintage orange VW beetle_

Colombia Bogota white and orange vintage VW beetle

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