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There’s no place like Earth: The world as home

We were at the other end of the globe: literally. The opposite spot on the planet from Philadelphia (known by map geeks as the antipodal point) is Perth, Australia. We were 12,000 miles from home, as far away as we could possibly be. Going a mile in any direction would actually bring us closer to […]


Marking a year traveling the world

We recently marked the one-year anniversary of taking off to travel the world. The date had almost passed unnoticed. Dates take on a different perspective when traveling. Anyone who has ever been on vacation and remarked, “I don’t even know what day of the week it is” can understand what we mean. The calendar is just a […]


Video Taste Test: A fistful of haggis

Scotland is more than a wee land of kilts and bagpipers. It’s also the home of the most manly of foods—haggis. In our haggis taste test we try this food, which is basically a sheep’s stomach stuffed with sheep lungs, offal, oatmeal and spices. It may sound awful but it is so esteemed in local folklore that famed […]