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Getting there

Purchasing an around-the-world-plane ticket (RTW ticket) may be the way for you to go. Click the link for more information on the pluses and minuses of an RTW ticket.

If you decide to skip the RTW ticket we like the airfare price guide at as a planning tool. But they do sometimes get it wrong. Some low-cost airlines might not appear and an airline’s web site might be cheaper. Trust but verify.

Skyscanner is another airfare site that also includes discount airlines like Ryanair.

SKYTRAX is the world’s largest airline review site. Based on viewer input the site has extremely detailed ratings on every airline including their food, seat comfort, service, etc.

Once you find a flight, where should you sit? Rows 22 and 23 may sound the same but SeatGuru will tell you that on your particular flight Row 23 stores the in-flight entertainment system and has less leg room. They also provide nifty seating charts for every possible configuration.

The Man in Seat 61 is the definitive web site for information on train travel. Interested in traveling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city by rail? Well there’s a video of the journey. Need the timetable for the  Beijing-Shanghai bullet train? That’s here too.

Staying there

Readers of this blog know that we love visiting Buffalo, New York. While you’re in the area, it’s convenient to stay at Niagara Falls hotels with a view of the falls themselves.

Depending on your travel style, you may save money by renting a home or apartment. Our favorite sites for vacation rentals are Airbnb, Homeaway, FlipKey  and Sabbatical Homes. Click here for more information on the benefits of a vacation rental.

  • Good cancellation policy. Don’t pay until you arrive. A wide combination of hotels, apartment rentals and B&Bs.
  • AirBnb – As readers of this blog know, we live in “Airbnb World.” Follow the link to get a discount off your first stay.

Sign up for Airbnb through our referral link and you'll get $$$ off on your first stay (& so will we :)
A company that offers a wide range of lodging choices is Hotels Combined. Unlike many other search sites, it shows home stay options in addition to hotels. Many of these offer a good value to the traveler.

The above links offer places to rent all over the world. There are also some sites that specialize in certain countries or regions:


  • has over 30,000 places to rent in Australia

New Zealand

What to do there

For a trip to Central America check out Costa Rica all-inclusive Vacations.

The Time Out series provides relevant information beyond the usual tourist sites.  Published in a  magazine format, we pick one up at an airport newsstand upon arrival along with a local newspaper. is a great way to meet new people, both at home and on the road. They have groups for practically any interest.

Chowhound – Our favorite place to find out where the locals are eating.

Asia – Tours and drivers in Vietnam. We used them three times, excellent customer service.

Groovy Map – Really cool maps for many Asian cities. They get it right and are easy to use.

Staying well

The web site of the Centers for Disease Control. Use their handy tool to get information about the country you are visiting, find out what exotic diseases you can catch there and, hopefully, how to avoid them.

The US State Department’s update of conditions in every country. This is where you find out that a civil war has just broken out where you booked your honeymoon.

For long-term travel you may need multiple passport pictures as you apply for extra visas. It’s cheaper to print them yourself rather than paying at a photo shop. The State Department provides a handy tool to make sure your photo meets the proper specs.

Travel Blogs

Here are some of our favorite blogs:

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