Italy autostrada food

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When we think of Italy the first thing that comes to mind is delicious Italian food. However, we didn’t think that driving on the Autostrada would yield such a fine dining experience. In Italy, just because one is driving it doesn’t mean they need to make culinary sacrifices. As native New Yorkers who’ve lived in Philly for the last 25 years we’ve taken more trips on the New Jersey Turnpike than we care to remember. We can tell you that the food at the Molly Pitcher rest stop never looked like this:

Italian food autostrada

A wide selection of meats and cheeses is available for a roadside picnic.

Italian food

Italy autostrade food

Fine cuts of meat are displayed to be cooked to order, just like in top steakhouses.

Italian food on autostrada

Even when eating on the road Italians have a first and second course, the primi and secondi.

Italian food driving

For vegetarians an order of roasted eggplant and a chick pea salad washed down with a bottle of sparkling San Pellegrino water is a tasty option.

Italian rest stop

Who isn’t in the mood for a seafood risotto on a road trip?

Bottle of white, bottle of red
Perhaps some fresh mozzarella instead
You can dine or you can shop
At an Italian rest stop. . .

With all apologies to Billy Joel.
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