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My father’s greatest piece of advice

by Michael

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Today is Father’s Day. Or as I think of it, the greatest transfer of GPS units ever known. I’m not sure how a dashboard device that provides directions became the “go to” gift for Father’s Day. Probably because not too many dads wear ties anymore.

Since my dad passed away five years ago my gift buying for him has stopped. But I did think of a gift that dads give their children that lives on after they are gone, advice and guidance. I remember when I was still in college and about to interview for my first “real” job. I was a bit nervous since I was 20 years old and the company I was meeting with was in Manhattan.

That morning, as my father left for work at the local library he gave me a piece of advice, “just be yourself.” It immediately calmed me down. I realized that if this company didn’t like who I really was, then the job wouldn’t work out anyway. I ended up getting that job and working there for several years. If my father hadn’t given me that advice I probably would have been too nervous to do well on the interview.

Just be yourself. This advice was uncomplicated and concise, just like my dad. I’ve used it, for better or worse, ever since. I find it ironic that millions of fathers will be opening gifts of GPS units this morning; when all along it is they who have guided us to find our way, even after they are gone.

What’s the best piece of advice your father gave to you?

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