Last Updated on May 5, 2022 by Larissa

Choosing A Vacation Destination For Your Permanent Home

We’ve been on the road as full-time global nomads since 2011 with no place that we call home. We are constantly asked where we would settle down if we stopped traveling. We’re not sure yet, but it would have to someplace beautiful that we’ve enjoyed in our travels.

One of the top reasons for travel is to get away from it all, swapping stress and daily routine for quiet surroundings and stunning scenery. But what if you decided to just stay n that place with stunning scenery and a laid-back lifestyle. The recent pandemic has taught everyone that people can work from anywhere.

If, like many people at the moment, you are now looking for a change, travel could provide the adventure you are craving. However, while many people feel that a two-week vacation is not long enough to properly unwind, they are not quite ready for a permanently nomadic lifestyle. As a compromise, making your home in a place that is usually considered a holiday destination could allow you to enjoy sunnier skies, breath-taking scenery, and outdoor activities every day of the year.

The Great Outdoors In Texas

For Americans wanting to move within the country, Texas remains a popular destination, with a population that has grown by almost 4 million in the past nine years. A booming job market, low cost of living, and access to parks and walking trails has helped to put Austin top of a list of cities with the greatest domestic migration. And it’s easy to get just about anywhere else in the state, such as taking a bus between Dallas and Austin. For anyone wanting to make the most of the warmer climate and enjoy even more outdoor space, its proximity to Hill Country, Texas, makes it even more appealing. By moving to a luxury mountain retreat or a waterfront property, residents can enjoy hiking, kayaking and golf to get the feeling of being on vacation all year round.  

Untouched Scenery In Canada

Last year, the number of people searching the internet for information on how to move abroad rose by almost 30%. Although the favorite destination for Americans was Japan, Canada topped the list of most searched locations in 30 other countries. One of the reasons behind its popularity is its beautiful and varied scenery of lakes, mountains and forests. Together with high living standards and levels of safety, this also makes it a great place to call home. 

Natural Beauty In New Zealand

New Zealand has always been a popular travel destination, but now, despite long waiting lists for visas, an increasing number of Americans want to move to New Zealand permanently. The country offers a safe and relaxed lifestyle, as well as rural lakes, spectacular mountain ranges and beautiful beaches like at Te Waewae Bay on the South Island pictured at the top of this post.

During the past year, more people have been thinking about changing their lifestyle and moving to a new destination. For those who don’t want to live a nomadic existence, finding a tranquil spot with stunning scenery could provide them with a break from stress and routine all year round.