People who like food are foodies. People who like to travel are travelers. We like both–so that makes us Foodie Travelers.

We’re often asked how we pick destinations. The immediate answer out of our lips is “for the food!” (Well, there is that bit about the car museums, but that’s another story 😉.)

No matter where we go, we’ve got to eat. And we both love everything about food–shopping for it, cooking it, and (of course!) eating it. Despite having gotten rid of almost all of our possessions, we still have our kitchen stuff in storage. Seriously—my All Clad pots are sitting in a cousin’s basement, and I visit them about once a year.

When we travel in the U.S. we’ve developed a “go bag” of essential cooking items–a small Le Crouset Dutch oven, a set of good quality knives, and Michael’s beloved barbecue tongs. Overseas we have no cooking tools with us (can you imagine trying to schlep a set of cooking knives onto a RyanAir flight??? 😳). But we have done our share of “kitchen enhancements” at various Airbnb apartments over the years.

Even if we’re not cooking we’re seeking out the best local flavors a destination has to offer. Often this is not the fanciest restaurant in town, but at an out-of-the way food truck, like those that make Sonoran Hot Dogs in Tucson, Arizona. Or perhaps a small cafe in a nondescript shopping center at the edge of town. And when it is a “proper” restaurant, we like to know it has been around for a while, and won’t change cuisine/owners/names/etc. with whatever food craze happens to come along. Which is why we love Hostaria Costanza in Rome; we’ve been visiting this tried-and-true favorite for 30 years, and never been disappointed.

So check out our Foodie Travelers category, you’ll find some well-known spots, along with some surprises. But we guarantee they’ll all be tasty!

peanut butter & banana sandwich-Elvis

WWEE: What would Elvis eat?

Memphis, Tennessee is justly known for its dry-rubbed barbecue ribs. But that’s all right, after driving 500 miles to get to the birthplace of rock-and-roll I was there to see Elvis stuff so I thought, “What would Elvis eat?” Among other…
platter hot dog with rice, garlic shrimp platter, oahu

Hot Dog of the Month: Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck in Hawaii

The north coast of Oahu is festooned with trucks serving a local favorite: garlic shrimp. Visitors driving along the Kamehameha Highway to watch a surfing competition among the pounding waves of the North Shore will be hard-pressed not to stop…
Frangellis donuts Philadelphia

The dozen best donuts in America

We've been crisscrossing  the United States for the last three years and visited all 50 states to seek out the best donuts in America. Here's our ranking of the best dozen donuts of the many, many, way too many, that we tasted, with a bonus…
Costanza restaurant rome

Our favorite restaurant in Rome: Hostaria Costanza

A restaurant is a favorite if it earns repeat visits. By that definition one of our top restaurants in Rome is Hostaria Costanza. We've been to Rome several times and on each visit we visit this small spot…
Cincinnati coneys-hot dogs with chili and cheese on top

Where is the best Cincinnati chili? (And what is it?)

Cincinnati chili is one of those things you either get it or you don't. Among national food critics it’s developed a love it or hate it reputation that brings out the snark. As with many regional food favorites, it helps to have grown up there.…
Bali food ingredients

Photos: Foods of Bali

Satay grilling over coals made of coconut shells . . . fresh fish wrapped in banana leaves . . . fragrant coconut rice . . . these are some of the tastes of our recent visit to Bali.  The island’s cuisine relies heavily on its abundant…
husky dogs reindeer sausage alaska

Local flavor: Trying reindeer sausage in Alaska

Anchorage's Town Square Park on West 5th Avenue is a festive place. Particularly during the summer when the waning orange glow of the sun at 11 pm sort of makes it feel like sunrise. Which got me in the mood for breakfast, or was it the dueling…
Tray of jelly donuts, buffalo

We make the donuts at Mazurek’s Bakery in Buffalo

At 6 a.m. the streets of this Buffalo neighborhood are deserted. Dawn is gradually washing away the film of night, transforming lumpy gray forms into a scattered array of brick houses and the occasional leafy tree. Midway down the block in a…
fish dinner-norway

How to read TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews

Yelp and Trip Advisor are our go-to web sites for finding reviews of restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions. They are usually pretty accurate but it's important to weed out the reviewers whose opinion you shouldn't trust. Also be aware…
Tray of hot dos at el Guero canelo

Local Flavor: Sonoran hot dogs in Tucson, Arizona

Sonoran hot dogs are considered by many to be Tucson, Arizona’s signature street food. Since we’re crazy for a good hot dog (such as Buffalo’s chargrilled beauties) we had to give them a try. These southwestern treats are not for fat…
Ice cream sundae, Leopold's

Local flavor: Leopold’s Ice Cream in Savannah

Leopold’s has been scooping up their fresh house-made ice cream in Savannah, Georgia since 1919. The store was founded by three Greek immigrant brothers and their legacy continues with one of their sons, movie impresario and sometime…

Local Flavor: Navajo fry bread tacos

One of my early food memories is from when I was nine years old and my mom took us on a trip of a lifetime out West. In Arizona we went to a rodeo where I had my first taste of Navajo fry bread. Just like it sounds, it was a hunk of dough that…

Is Pizzeria Bianco the best pizza in America?

Ask someone about their favorite pizza and you're likely to end up in a heated discussion. Some prefer New York, others Chicago's deep-dish while New Haven white clam pizza often gets a nod. For years I've been reading that Pizzeria Bianco…

What are kolaches? Hint: There’s lots of butter in them

What are kolaches? While driving through the small village of Calvert, Texas we saw a sign that declared "America loves kolaches" attached to a building housing Zamykal Kolaches. That was the 3rd sign we'd come across in Central Texas…

A foodie taste of Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Biscuits, barbecue, burgers and more, the central part of North Carolina including Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh is a foodie's paradise. Although it goes by the more prosaic label Research Triangle, it is really a great place to get your fill…

Chargrilled! A guide to Buffalo hot dogs

Buffalo, New York may be the hot dog capital of the world. Buffalonians insist that their hot dogs be grilled over charcoal, just like at an old-fashioned backyard barbecue, and hanker for the foot-long hot dogs that were the Holy…
farm to table movement farmer

Has the farm to table movement gone too far?

The farm to table movement is the latest trend among locavores who only eat food that was raised humanely and grown within 10 miles of their kitchen sink. This helps promote local farms and eases the pollution created by…
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Food tips in a Shanghai taxi

It was a dreary, rainy day and we were sitting in a taxi that was stuck in traffic on the way to the Shanghai airport.  A car breakdown had caused the traffic to flow to the pace of a toddler. As the minutes ticked by we worried that…