People who like food are foodies. People who like to travel are travelers. We like both–so that makes us Foodie Travelers.

We’re often asked how we pick destinations. The immediate answer out of our lips is “for the food!” (Well, there is that bit about the car museums, but that’s another story 😉.)

No matter where we go, we’ve got to eat. And we both love everything about food–shopping for it, cooking it, and (of course!) eating it. Despite having gotten rid of almost all of our possessions, we still have our kitchen stuff in storage. Seriously—my All Clad pots are sitting in a cousin’s basement, and I visit them about once a year.

When we travel in the U.S. we’ve developed a “go bag” of essential cooking items–a small Le Crouset Dutch oven, a set of good quality knives, and Michael’s beloved barbecue tongs. Overseas we have no cooking tools with us (can you imagine trying to schlep a set of cooking knives onto a RyanAir flight??? 😳). But we have done our share of “kitchen enhancements” at various Airbnb apartments over the years.

Even if we’re not cooking we’re seeking out the best local flavors a destination has to offer. Often this is not the fanciest restaurant in town, but at an out-of-the way food truck, like those that make Sonoran Hot Dogs in Tucson, Arizona. Or perhaps a small cafe in a nondescript shopping center at the edge of town. And when it is a “proper” restaurant, we like to know it has been around for a while, and won’t change cuisine/owners/names/etc. with whatever food craze happens to come along. Which is why we love Hostaria Costanza in Rome; we’ve been visiting this tried-and-true favorite for 30 years, and never been disappointed.

So check out our Foodie Travelers category, you’ll find some well-known spots, along with some surprises. But we guarantee they’ll all be tasty!

Assorted Paris pastries

Tasty pictures of decadent Paris pastry

If there is a heaven, surely the bakeries are French. There are so many patisseries in Paris that it's difficult to walk a block without the smell of butter wafting out of an open doorway. The locals are rather picky about their Paris pastry,…
Durian donut Big Apple donuts

The world’s stinkiest donut

One of the things we're tasting on this journey are donuts from around the world. But there was one donut that smelled so awful we couldn't eat it. It pains us to even think of donuts in a bad way, but we met our match in a durian donut in…
Malaysian cooking

Larissa gets spicy with authentic Malaysian cooking

LaZat Cooking SchoolMalaysian cooking was a mystery to me. The country is a dynamic blend of cultures: half Malay with the rest mostly Chinese and Indian. Over the years their cuisines have mingled, creating fantastic flavors…
making fresh pasta in italy

Learning how to make pasta in Italy

Despite all my efforts, I’ve never really learned how to make pasta from scratch. On a recent trip to Bologna, I was determined to change all that.  I took a pasta-making class at an agriturismo, a working farm and inn on the…
Italy autostrada food

Scenes from an Italian rest stop

When we think of Italy the first thing that comes to mind is delicious Italian food. However, we didn't think that driving on the Autostrada would yield such a fine dining experience. In Italy, just because one is driving it doesn't…

Truffle hunting in Italy

It was a dark and stormy day (it really was) the kind of day in late spring that makes you wonder if summer will ever come.  The wind was whipping across the hill, sending the chilling rain horizontally into our faces.  Umbrellas were…

A tasty slice of Bologna

In our humble opinion Italy serves up the best food in the world, a belief that is shared by millions. Since the northern Italian city of Bologna is the food capital of Italy it is a must-visit spot for any foodie. While we were enticed…

Damn that’s good sheep intestine

We’re always on the lookout for local delicacies, preferably ones that are tasty, quick and cheap. After leaving the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul a heady aroma of charcoal smoke, cooking meat and spices wafted over us. We headed for the source…
Headhouse Square Farmers Market Philadelphia Food Trust

Local foods at the Headhouse Farmers Market in Philadelphia

It'll be Opening Day soon for two of our favorite Philadelphia institutions: the Phillies and the Headhouse Farmers Market. While we don't know if the Phillies will make or break our hearts this year, we do know that the market will offer the…
Hoi An Vietnamese food tofu custard lady

Vietnamese food: Taking it to the street

From Hoi An, Vietnam ~ One of the reasons to travel the world is to taste the wide varieties of food out there. Vietnamese food is one of my favorites and the best examples are often sold by street vendors. However, before leaving on our journey…
Arab flatbread

Our daily bread in Doha

From Michael in Doha, Qatar ~ Regular readers of this blog know about my carb fetish. It probably stems from when I was a little boy and my Sicilian immigrant grandfather owned a bread bakery on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. Since then…
Original Starbucks Pike Place Market
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10 food tourist traps to avoid

We've all fallen for them; food places the guidebooks say you absolutely must try when visiting a certain city.  So we join all the other tourists who've read the same guides and wait on long lines for what turns out to be overrated, mediocre,…
New Zealand road trip Tuatapere sausage sign

Video: The good, the bad and the lamb tongues — a taste of New Zealand

Now that we've recovered from our Vegemite taste test in Australia, we are ready to try some authentic New Zealand foods. The country is known around the word for its lamb so we decided to try a local delicacy we came across, peeled lamb tongue.…

The world’s best gelato is in New Zealand?

Who would have thought that the world's best gelato was being made in Auckland, New Zealand? But the city, which was recently selected as the 3rd best city in the world to live, takes it in stride. The owner of Giapo's is Gianpaolo Grazioli,…

Shocking video: Vegemite taste test

Vegemite, a yeast-based extract, is the official food of Australia. It is smeared on toast and crackers just like we would use jelly or butter. The dark brown substance looks a bit like Nutella but please don't let that fool you. It may look…

Would you eat this?

Part the fun in visiting different countries is trying new foods we haven’t heard of or can’t find at home. Sometimes though, something gets lost in translation from the kitchen to the menu. Here are a few items we saw on our trip to…
Victor Brent butcher Sydney

Where Oprah had a beef

In 1998 Oprah Winfrey was famously sued by Texas cattlemen in a response to a comment she made on her show several years earlier. In response to the “mad cow” scare that was going on at the time Oprah had said, “I’ve eaten my last hamburger.”…

Noodling around Sydney at night

From Larissa ~ Last night we went to the Night Noodle Market in beautiful Hyde Park in downtown Sydney.  This is an annual event that runs for ten nights during the Crave Sydney International Food Festival.  Over forty food…