Australia frog-travel tips
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Don’t flush the frog: Our 10 dumbest travel mistakes, so far

We're experienced world travelers but that doesn't mean we don't occasionally make stupid mistakes. From flushing frogs down the toilet to being mistaken for a dominatrix, here are our top ten travel mistakes, so far: Top travel mistakes 1)…
Christmas in New Zealand Kiwi bird Auckland parade
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Christmas in New Zealand and Australia

Christmas in New Zealand and Australia comes in the summertime so it was a bit different for us, northerners raised with visions of a "White Christmas." In Auckland, we stood on the sidewalk waiting for the Santa Parade and took in the…
Ecco mens travel shoes

Product review: The best men’s travel shoes

The Best Men's Travel Shoes Larissa has written about the best travel shoes for women, but now it's my turn to talk about the best mens travel shoes. I have only two pairs of shoes with me, both by Ecco. I've worn Eccos almost exclusively for…
Victoria barracks Sydney cannon

Australia, a nation forged by sand

Australia is often thought of as a laid-back nation whose relaxed citizens seem to be on permanent vacation. Perhaps this carefree attitude is due to more than 90% of the population living within the siren call of the beach. While much of their…
kangaroo animal crossing sign
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Lions and tigers and … animal crossing signs around the world

When we were driving all over the world we saw some unusual animal crossing signs that were different from the typical signs for deer we see at home. As we bounced along some pretty rough roads we took these warnings seriously, can you imagine…
Michael eating pizza
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The surprising best pizza in the world

Pizza is our go-to food on the road, our favorite is New York-style. And when we return from a trip it's usually the first meal we eat. On our year-long journey we tried pizza on six continents, including at its birthplace in Naples, to…
New Zealand Road trip man overlooking glacier

A scenic New Zealand road trip

There’s a reason Peter Jackson selected the South Island of New Zealand to film his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy. The landscape with its snow-capped mountains, glaciers, rainforests and sweeping vistas lives up to the dreamland created by…
One Tree Hill Auckland New Zealand

Why there is no tree on One Tree Hill

U2 fans will recognize One Tree Hill as the name of a song off The Joshua Tree album. It refers to One Tree Hill in Auckland, New Zealand also known by its Maori name of Maungakiekie. The song was dedicated to Greg Carroll,…
Holden driving in Australia Outback

Images from an Australia Outback road trip

We love road trips. Most of the ones we've taken in the past have involved cruising America on old roads like Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway. But driving in the Australia Outback presents the ultimate road trip challenge. Towns and gas stations…
Maori Haka performer

Do the Haka

Normally we're not much for folk dance performances. But when we were in New Zealand the All Blacks rugby team had just won the  World Cup. Part of their pre-game warm up is to perform the haka, an indigenous Maori dance. After the championship…
Singapore skyline
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Rooms with a view

We've generally rented apartments with some hotels thrown in. A few of them have had incredible views of either city scenes or country landscapes. The picture above is the view from our flat of the Sky Tower in Auckland. This being New…

Having a cow in Australia’s bush country

Larissa was staring at a beautiful a tree frog; its tiny, bright green body with huge black eyes and cute little pods on its feet that were perfectly designed by nature to stick to any surface.  There was only one problem . . . those cute…
rtw plane ticket australia

Plane spotting heaven at Perth Airport

The shiny new Emirates 777-200LR was zooming down the runway right  towards us, its General Electric engines screaming to create 110,000  pounds of  take-off thrust. Along with dozens of other plane geeks we were leaning over the railing…
New Zealand road trip Tuatapere sausage sign

Video: The good, the bad and the lamb tongues — a taste of New Zealand

Now that we've recovered from our Vegemite taste test in Australia, we are ready to try some authentic New Zealand foods. The country is known around the word for its lamb so we decided to try a local delicacy we came across, peeled lamb tongue.…