Tucker car aaca Museum

It’s here! Guide to America’s Classic Car Museums

Introducing the updated and expanded 2019 Second Edition of the perfect tool for anyone who loves vintage and collector cars! The 2nd edition of the Roadster Guide to America's Classic Car Museums & Attractions is now available. The 400-page…
seaplane in alaska

More reasons to visit Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is a popular spot for cruise vacations. However most of the visitors who take an Alaska cruise only skirt the shoreline of America’s largest state.  Visitors preparing to board or disembark from a cruise nearby should realize there…
Cincinnati coneys-hot dogs with chili and cheese on top

Where is the best Cincinnati chili? (And what is it?)

Cincinnati chili is one of those things you either get it or you don't. Among national food critics it’s developed a love it or hate it reputation that brings out the snark. As with many regional food favorites, it helps to have grown up there.…
Bats at dusk, bridge Austin, Texas

Quirky America: Going batty in Austin, Texas

The capital city of Texas is famous for the motto “Keep Austin Weird.” Not only is it the self-proclaimed live music capital of America, it also provides the best setting (other than a cave) to see the bats of Austin, a nightly event with…
Benjamin Franklin statue on the Philadelphia Liberty Trail
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Philadelphia Liberty Trail: Our first book is here!

When we departed Philadelphia in 2011 we thought we'd explore the world for a year and then figure out what we wanted to do when we grew up. We started writing stories about our journey on this blog and for a new series called "A Year in…
Rodeo rider in Kissimmee Florida

Finding Authentic Cowboy Heritage . . . in Central Florida

It’s no surprise to anyone that central Florida is a vacation destination with attractions galore. But did you know it’s also a great place to see national circuit rodeo? Tucked amid the theme parks and cartoon characters and water slides…
Larissa at the border of Canada & Point Roberts Washington

Quirky America: Why you need a passport to visit Point Roberts, Washington

The quaint hamlet of Point Roberts, Washington looks like a piece of Norman Rockwell's America. Seattle Seahawks flags flap in the breeze while families frolic at the beach. But then something seems out of place: gasoline prices are listed…
husky dogs reindeer sausage alaska

Local flavor: Trying reindeer sausage in Alaska

Anchorage's Town Square Park on West 5th Avenue is a festive place. Particularly during the summer when the waning orange glow of the sun at 11 pm sort of makes it feel like sunrise. Which got me in the mood for breakfast, or was it the dueling…

Never too old: Learning how to surf in our 50s

During our 3+ year journey around the globe we try to experience new things and seek adventure outside our comfort zone. Earlier in the year we rode horses for the first time and later Larissa flew an aerobatic plane upside down in Las…
Beamy with D-day memorabilia

Local Hero: Meeting a D-Day veteran

Despite all the globe-hopping and monument seeking, the best aspect of travel is the people we meet along the way. They're the ones who provide us the stories that make travel a more enriching experience. This came into sharp focus at…

The 10 spookiest ghost towns in America

It's that time of year with Halloween approaching that we start thinking of all things haunted. Here are 10 of the spookiest ghost towns in America, places that were once thriving but are now abandoned. A visit to any one of them is intriguing,…
Tray of jelly donuts, buffalo

We make the donuts at Mazurek’s Bakery in Buffalo

At 6 a.m. the streets of this Buffalo neighborhood are deserted. Dawn is gradually washing away the film of night, transforming lumpy gray forms into a scattered array of brick houses and the occasional leafy tree. Midway down the block in a…
Cool old roadside sign

How is America different from the rest of the world? (Part 2)

We've been traveling the world for almost three years now and recently wrote a story for Huffington Post that asked "how is America different from the rest of the world?" That story struck a chord among readers who suggested more areas…
Little Rocky, with some of his cousins

Meet Thomas Schomberg, the artist who made the Rocky statue

We've been traveling around the world for almost three years with our trip mascot Little Rocky but had yet to meet sculptor A. Thomas Schomberg, the man who made the Rocky statue. Originally the statue was a prop for the movie Rocky…
Stafford at Furnace Creek VC in Death Valley, with thermometer 111 degrees!

Meet an intrepid traveler walking across America

We meet some incredible people on our travels who make Larissa and me seem like a couple of slackers. Such an encounter happened when we were visiting Death Valley National Park on a typical steamy summer day. With the temperature hovering around…
Statue of RM Nixon at Nixon Library

A Tale of Two Presidents: Visiting the Nixon and Reagan Libraries

Visiting the Nixon and Reagan libraries When Ronald Reagan finished his second term he rode off to his ranch in California, atop a wave of popularity that helped his vice president get elected to succeed him. Our last image of Richard Nixon…

Local Flavor: Navajo fry bread tacos

One of my early food memories is from when I was nine years old and my mom took us on a trip of a lifetime out West. In Arizona we went to a rodeo where I had my first taste of Navajo fry bread. Just like it sounds, it was a hunk of dough that…

Is Pizzeria Bianco the best pizza in America?

Ask someone about their favorite pizza and you're likely to end up in a heated discussion. Some prefer New York, others Chicago's deep-dish while New Haven white clam pizza often gets a nod. For years I've been reading that Pizzeria Bianco…