Belgrade Cathedral of Saint Sava

Free things to do in Belgrade: One of Europe's oldest cities

EurotribeFrom guest writer Zorica ~ Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, dates back to the 4th-century BC and is one of Europe's oldest cities. Because there are many free things to do in Belgrade it is an inexpensive place to visit. 1) Stroll…
Free things to do in barcelona view from L’alcalde viewpoint in Montjuïc

Free things to do in Barcelona

Written by Meritxell ~ You don’t have to tell me that Barcelona is an expensive city, I’ve lived here almost all my life. But there are many free things to do in Barcelona. Here are some of my favorites. Walking the markets Food markets…
Michael eating pizza
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The surprising best pizza in the world

Pizza is our go-to food on the road, our favorite is New York-style. And when we return from a trip it's usually the first meal we eat. On our year-long journey we tried pizza on six continents, including at its birthplace in Naples, to…
Seville metropol parasol main

Free things to do in Seville

Not only is it Spain's most romantic city, there  are many free things to do in Seville; a metropolis where flamenco echoes through nighttime streets and bullfighters are carried out of the ring on the broad shoulders of their fans. Just…
Peace barrier in Belfast

Is the dividing wall in Belfast a barrier to peace?

The "peace" wall in Belfast The people of Belfast have suffered through the “Troubles” since the 1960’s. Due to rising violence, in 1969 the city government started building walls in Belfast between the Catholic and Protestant sections.…
Royal Observatory greenwich magnetic clock
Street musicians of Paris guitar player metro

Photos of the street musicians of Paris

I’ve always had a soft spot for street musicians of Paris. It seems like after room and board our highest travel cost is the coins I toss into their instrument cases as I pass by. Maybe it’s because many years ago my fantasy was to move…
Unique Places to stay Little petra Bedouin camp
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7 unique places to stay in the world

From a kitschy throwback hotel in North Korea to a nudist B&B in Portugal, we found a few unique places to stay in the world. Here are some of our favorites: 1) Little Petra Bedouin Camp, Jordan   The Little Petra Bedouin Camp…
Berlin WelcomeCard

The Berlin WelcomeCard: An easy way to visit Berlin

Berlin's transit system is easy to navigate with the Berlin WelcomeCard. Because it is valid on all forms of transportation, the Berlin WelcomeCard is very convenient. Use it on the U-Bahn (underground trains), S-Bahn (surface…
Larissa toilet training Germany

Larissa's skirmish with a German toilet

We were waiting at the Berlin railroad station for our train to Frankfurt. With only about 20 minutes before departure I decided to make use of a land-based toilet. I’ve been a bit wary of train toilets ever since I was "toilet trained"…
Vladimir Yarets motorcycle ride around the world

Meet Vladimir Yarets: A remarkable world traveler

Vladimir Yarets is a native of Belarus who's ridden his motorcycle through over 120 countries and 300,000 miles. To make his achievement all the more remarkable he is deaf and mute. Did we mention that he's also 71 years old and looking…
Filming locations for Local Hero

Where was "Local Hero" filmed in Scotland? Our guide to visiting

Where was the movie Local Hero filmed? We set off to Scotland to find out. The filming locations for Local Hero are scattered throughout northern Scotland; seeking them out makes for a great road trip [be sure to see our tips for driving…
Royal Observatory greenwich magnetic clock

On the trail of the real 44 Scotland Street

From Larissa ~ Although this was my first trip to Edinburgh, I felt as though I already knew the place. I had visited the city many times "virtually," through reading. I am a fan of the 44 Scotland Street novels by Alexander McCall Smith. The…
haggis taste test

Video Taste Test: A fistful of haggis

Scotland is more than a wee land of kilts and bagpipers. It's also the home of the most manly of foods---haggis. In our haggis taste test we try this food, which is basically a sheep's stomach stuffed with sheep lungs, offal, oatmeal and spices.…
Kinnaird Head Lighthouse in Scotland crown

Climbing an historic lighthouse in Scotland

The image of a lighthouse keeper is often a romantic notion: solitary men who keep the lights burning on storm-lashed coasts as they send their signal out to ships at sea. The reality is slightly different as it is a tough, often lonely,…
National Museum of flight concorde logo

Visiting the National Museum of Flight in Scotland

The National Museum of Flight in Scotland stands out even among other aviation museums. It sits on a former airfield used in both World War I and World War II. One hangar is devoted to a display of the Concorde, the record-breaking supersonic…
Rocky crossing Abbey Road in London

When Rocky crossed Abbey Road

Two of the most iconic pop culture sites in the world are the Rocky steps in Philadelphia and Abbey Road in London. Tourists run up the Rocky steps in a practically 24/7 rotation while fans emulating the Beatles are constantly holding up traffic…
Royal Observatory greenwich magnetic clock

Where time begins: The Royal Observatory

For geography geeks a visit to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich is a must. Located just down the Thames from central London, it’s the home of both the Prime Meridian (zero degrees longitude) and Greenwich Mean Time; the time upon which all…