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Best tea shops London

I’m an avowed tea lover, and finding a tea shop in London is always a special treat. The city is great place to shop for tea. Every time I visit, (when I’m not visiting my favorite free things to do in London ),I search out spots were I can find old favorites or a new […]


Where to find the best afternoon tea, Edinburgh

From extravagant high teas to cosy cafes with scones and jam, we explored them all in search of the the best afternoon tea in Edinburgh. Read on for our recommendations. It’s no secret that baked goods put us in our “happy place.” And if there was ever a (sort of) meal where baked goods are […]


Where to find the best scones in Edinburgh

We went on a quest to find the best scones in Edinburgh, and found them at a charming cafe in the New Town. When you think of a food that defines Edinburgh, scones top the list. Well, some people may think of haggis, but really, the less said about that, the better 😉. (However if […]

Unique Travel Gifts: Our 2018 Holiday Picks

It’s always a challenge to find good gifts for travelers. Those unique travel gifts–the ones that are really useful, or evocative of a journey, or just plain fun—can be tricky to get just right. Even though we’re nomads ourselves with few belongings, we still get excited about the perfect accessory, great luggage, or even a […]

Luggage tips: Travelpro Maxlite Spinner review

After 5 years of full-time travel, it was time for a suitcase upgrade. After an exhaustive search with specific criteria, we both chose the same model (which is a first!). Following is our Travelpro Maxlite Spinner review. Because we are permanent nomads, reliable suitcases are a requirement for us. Continuous transit from place to place […]


How to find house sitting jobs around the world: a guide to using Nomador

Since we travel full-time, we’re always looking for creative lodging options. Staying in far-flung destinations around the world—particularly for a week or more—can get expensive. A few years ago we discovered house sitting, a solution that enabled us to visit exotic (or just plain expensive) destinations affordably. What is house sitting? House sitting jobs typically […]

12 Holiday Gifts for Travel Lovers: our 2017 list

Every year readers ask our suggestions for gifts for travel lovers. Whether it’s luggage, gadgets, clothing items, or even nifty travel-themed doodads to have at home, we travelers have our favorites. When compiling a list of Christmas and holiday gifts for travelers, we like to include things we’d like (or already use) ourselves. So whether […]

The Secret to Visiting the Petronas Towers: best way to get tickets

The Petronas Towers Getting Petronas Towers tickets requires a bit of strategy. Tickets are limited, so if you want to go to the observation deck—at the best time to visit for great photos, or simply a time that works for your travel schedule—it’s best to book ahead. The dual skyscrapers, which were once the tallest […]

Holiday 2016: 14 Perfect Travel Gifts

After five years on the road we’ve developed a list of items that will make perfect travel gift for the voyager in your life (or even yourself!). All of them are products we use ourselves, so we can attest that they do the job. They’re things that are practical, but still fun for travelers. (For […]

10 tips for women to avoid pickpockets

Unlike strategies for men carrying wallets, here are my favorite tips for women to avoid pickpockets. I’ve seen all sorts of wacky gadgets for protecting valuables, including the mind-boggling “bra stash,” which must be uncomfortable (not to mention awkward when purchasing souvenirs). But with common sense and a few simple strategies you can keep your […]

Tips for Using Mobile Phones Overseas

Several years ago I traveled to Israel on a business trip and ran up a $900 mobile phone bill in 3 days. The coverage was good and the connection so clear that when the phone rang I forgot I was 8,000 miles from home and in “roaming mode.” BIG OOPS! It was a huge wake-up call (pun intended) […]

The Perfect Wheeling Tote Bag

Four years of constant travel have made me a stickler for luggage. During this entire time I’ve been on the search for the perfect wheeling tote bag, one that could hold my computer and a few other assorted accessories. I wanted something to supplement my standard 22” suitcase. Ever since we started our nomadic life […]

Escaping Prague: Playing “TheRoom Prague”

I love games and puzzles of all kinds. So when we had the opportunity to play a live-action escape game during a recent visit Prague we jumped at the chance. Could we find our way out of TheRoom? The premise of TheRoom Prague is simple: you are locked in a room that is full of […]


The Tet Flower Festival in Ho Chi Minh City

Tet, the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, is the most important holiday of the year. For me it is also the prettiest. There are displays of blossoms throughout the city, along with fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve. In Ho Chi Minh City the crowning glory of events is the Tet Flower Festival right in […]


Queen for a Day on the Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia, the private yacht of the British royal family, is open to visitors just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland.  No longer in active service, HMY (Her Majesty’s Yacht) Britannia served the royal family for almost 45 years. The 400-foot yacht was launched in 1953 shortly after Elizabeth II became queen. It was taken […]