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Where was “Local Hero” filmed in Scotland? Our guide to visiting

Where was the movie Local Hero filmed? We set off to Scotland to find out. The filming locations for Local Hero are scattered throughout northern Scotland; seeking them out makes for a great road trip [be sure to see our tips for driving on the left]. Along the way we discovered charming villages, breathtaking scenery and one of […]


Free things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Free things to do in Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful capital city, is the second most popular UK destination for overseas visitors. More than one million visitors hit the streets of Edinburgh each year to enjoy the city’s culture, cuisine and history. City breaks can be pricey but if you’re looking for great cheap holidays, spending your […]


On the trail of the real 44 Scotland Street

From Larissa ~ Although this was my first trip to Edinburgh, I felt as though I already knew the place. I had visited the city many times “virtually,” through reading. I am a fan of the 44 Scotland Street novels by Alexander McCall Smith. The author chronicles the fictitious, but very realistic, goings-on of a group of […]


Climbing an historic lighthouse in Scotland

The image of a lighthouse keeper is often a romantic notion: solitary men who keep the lights burning on storm-lashed coasts as they send their signal out to ships at sea. The reality is slightly different as it is a tough, often lonely, job. We toured the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, the first lighthouse in Scotland, for an […]


Visiting the National Museum of Flight in Scotland

The National Museum of Flight in Scotland stands out even among other aviation museums. It sits on a former airfield used in both World War I and World War II. One hangar is devoted to a display of the Concorde, the record-breaking supersonic airliner. Visitors can walk inside the Concorde


The Hadrian’s Wall Walk: Our Experience

[NOTE: Portions of this post were originally published in an article I wrote for The Philadelphia Inquirer.] Michael and I recently completed the Hadrian’s Wall Walk, an 84-mile trail that spans England at its narrowest point. My 60th birthday was approaching and I was looking for a unique way to celebrate it. Would the meme […]


Where to find the best afternoon tea, Edinburgh

From extravagant high teas to cosy cafes with scones and jam, we explored them all in search of the the best afternoon tea in Edinburgh. Read on for our recommendations. It’s no secret that baked goods put us in our “happy place.” And if there was ever a (sort of) meal where baked goods are […]


Where to find the best scones in Edinburgh

We went on a quest to find the best scones in Edinburgh, and found them at a charming cafe in the New Town. When you think of a food that defines Edinburgh, scones top the list. Well, some people may think of haggis, but really, the less said about that, the better 😉. (However if […]






Tips for Using Mobile Phones Overseas

Several years ago I traveled to Israel on a business trip and ran up a $900 mobile phone bill in 3 days. The coverage was good and the connection so clear that when the phone rang I forgot I was 8,000 miles from home and in “roaming mode.” BIG OOPS! It was a huge wake-up call (pun intended) […]


Is a Eurail pass worth it?

Is a Eurail Pass worth it? If you’ve ever dreamed of wandering around Europe with no plans and a flexible schedule you might consider buying a Eurail pass. This special train ticket allows those with not many time constraints to travel over the majority of the continent. But a key question to consider is, “Is a […]


Queen for a Day on the Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia, the private yacht of the British royal family, is open to visitors just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland.  No longer in active service, HMY (Her Majesty’s Yacht) Britannia served the royal family for almost 45 years. The 400-foot yacht was launched in 1953 shortly after Elizabeth II became queen. It was taken […]


How to travel: 14 travel myths debunked (Part 1)

There are many misconceptions out there about travel, so it’s time to set the record straight. This week we debunk seven common travel myths. Next week we’ll tackle seven travel myths about select destinations. Travel Myth #1: International travel is unsafe This one always blows us away—in our travels to 70+ countries, including road trips in remote […]