Holden driving in Australia Outback

Last Updated on August 15, 2019 by Michael

We love road trips. Most of the ones we’ve taken in the past have involved cruising America on old roads like Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway. But driving in the Australia Outback presents the ultimate road trip challenge. Towns and gas stations are hundreds of miles apart. At dusk, kangaroos turn the highway into a marsupial obstacle course. The harsh conditions and endless terrain even formed the backdrop to the post-apocalyptic Mad Max movies.

Perhaps our rental car, a bright red sports sedan with a rear spoiler wasn’t the best vehicle to attack the Outback with. But it was a Holden, an Australian-made car which has in its genes the ability to weather all conditions. It handled the dusty roads and orange Martian landscape like the native that it is. Here are a few images from our three-week drive across the Australia Outback.

Silverton churches

Two churches from the 1880s remain in the ghost town of Silverton.

Australia Outback

Some of the toilet facilities are a bit dated.

Australia Outback kangaroo warning sign

The sign should leave off the mileage marker since kangaroos are everywhere.

Australia Outback kangaroos

The roads become dangerous at dusk when kangaroos start bounding across them.

Outback shoe tree

A different kind of shoe tree, no doubt placed here by bored drivers.

Australian outback water tower

After a few hours of nothing even a lonely water tower becomes a pleasant diversion.

Australian Outback butcher

The harsh conditions haven't been kind to some towns whose glory days are in the past.

Trip planning is essential.

Outback Volkswagens Silverton

Occasionally we'd see some unusual artwork.

The endless landscape can lull a driver to sleep.

Outback sunset (510x413)

Another day of driving is just about over on the Australian Outback.

What are your favorite road trips?