London's Hidden Rivers: A walker's guide to the subterranean waterways of London

Book review: London’s Hidden Rivers

by Michael on June 17, 2017

London is one of our favorite destinations in the world to visit. One of the reasons is that there are so many hidden sights in London that we’ve never heard of before. But with each visit there’s less and less new, or in London’s case, old, to explore. That’s why I was so intrigued with […]

Lion Etosha National Park namibia

Waking a sleeping lion in Africa

by Michael on June 5, 2017

Normally Michael doesn’t shriek like a tween girl who just found out One Direction was breaking up. But he was this day. Being up close to the open jaws of a lion will do that to you. We had arrived in Africa a few days earlier for a safari so Larissa could fulfill her long-time […]

It all started with the baguettes. As most of you know, Michael is a sucker for baked goods and from the moment we touched down in Vietnam he was itching to try the French-inspired bread used to make banh mi, the country’s famed sandwich. We had gone for a stroll our first night in Ho […]

driving cliffs of Ireland

The time we almost drove off a cliff in Ireland

by Michael on February 27, 2017

Driving on a fog-moistened slippery dirt road, perched precariously on the side of a mountain, is not everyone’s notion of the ideal vacation. Nor is it ours either. Yet for some reason here we were doing just that, while driving the Ring of Valentia on the far west coast of Ireland. A wizened old billy-goat with […]

google translate app language barriers

Handling language barriers while traveling

by Michael on February 26, 2017

One question that keeps cropping up in our global travels is, “How do you handle language barriers while traveling?” As full-time global nomads, we can’t become fluent in the language of every country we visit, that’s just impossible. We used to feel bad about this but the reality is that, as people whose native language […]

Hong Kong street scene

The scent of home in Hong Kong

by Michael on February 21, 2017

We’d been in Hong Kong for a week and always noticed a particularly strong aroma of something faintly spicy, with vanilla overtones, on a walkway near our apartment.  We thought that whoever lived there must be an excellent cook. It smelled like whatever they were making was also tinged with a subtle amount of coriander or […]

Post image for So you want to chuck it all and travel the world?

So you want to chuck it all and travel the world?

by Michael on February 16, 2017

Our friends tell us, “You’re living the dream.” Well . . . yes and no. In 2011, when Larissa was 52 and Michael 51, we walked away from our jobs in, respectively, life sciences and commercial real estate. Heartbreaking personal circumstances made our careers, and even our home, seem irrelevant and we needed a major […]

Continental Airlines seats 1960s 1970s 727 Flight Path Learning Center

How to get the best seat on an airplane

by Michael on February 8, 2017

As demand for flying has increased, seating occupancy on planes (known as the load factor) has increased to more than 80%. Travelers who end up in the middle seat, with elbows on ether side protruding into their space and a child kicking their seatback, can be forgiven if they thought it was even higher. With […]

Elvis Presley costumes for sale at Graceland

Calling Elvis: Is Graceland worth visiting?

by Michael on February 1, 2017

Visiting Elvis Presley’s Graceland home is a required pilgrimage for Elvis fans. But with tickets ranging from $38.75 to $150, is Graceland worth visiting? A lot depends on how much of a fan of the King you are. We’re casual fans. I like his music but I’ve never seen one of his movies in its entirety […]

Post image for Top 10 free things in London

Top 10 free things in London

by Michael on January 30, 2017

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit, with some museums costing over $20 for a ticket. But with a little planning the tourist can find plenty of free things in London that are still outstanding. 1)      Westminster Abbey What’s this doing on a list of free things in London? We […]