I’ve spent a major chunk of the last two years dragging Larissa around the country visiting car museums and auto attractions.  During that time, I’ve branched out from my travel writing about road trips for the Philadelphia Inquirer to writing articles about car museums for Hemmings Motor News, 


Hidden sights in London York Watergate

7 rather odd hidden sights in London

by Michael on June 5, 2016

London is a fascinating city filled with history and wonder. From its official naming in the Roman era to its bustling streets today, the city has always been important to England (even if it wasn’t always the capital). London has many exciting attractions and historical sites that you can visit, but people rarely talk about […]

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Nevada's Loneliest Road: a desolate but beautiful 2-lane highway that passes through 7 mountain ranges and high desert plateaus

Driving the Loneliest Road in America

by Michael on April 22, 2016

When we first heard about driving the Loneliest Road in America—otherwise known as U.S. Highway 50—that crosses the barren hinterlands of central Nevada, we were intrigued. In a 1986 article for Life Magazine, the American Automobile Association had this to day about it: “There are no points of interest. We don’t recommend it. We warn all […]


Despite the fact that ancient history in North Korea goes back more than 4,000 years the country’s rich culture is often masked by current events. It seems that we can’t go more than a few weeks without news of saber rattling from the current regime about missiles, nukes or some other threat. During our visit […]

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The Venetian resort town of Bibione is a beautiful destination for a beach getaway. The gold sand beach hugs the crystal clear waters of the upper Adriatic Sea, providing a lush backdrop for a sun and surf vacation. The beach has been awarded the coveted “Blue Flag,” an award given to beaches that are managed […]

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Dragon Bridge Ljubljana

Visiting Slovenia: A Fairy Tale Come to Life

by Michael on February 27, 2016

We arrived by train after dark, but it was our first time visiting Slovenia so despite the late hour we were eager to begin exploring the capital of Ljubljana. Under the luminescent glow of a harvest moon it was only a five minute stroll to reach Prešernov Square—five minutes during which we were bewitched and […]


How to avoid scam artists on vacation

Avoiding scam artists on vacation

by Michael on February 25, 2016

Even though we try not to look like tourists while traveling, there are still some places where visitors stand out and are approached by people trying to separate them from their money. To scam artists, tourists who are not familiar with local cultures or the language are an easy mark. In our travels we’ve picked up […]


California City ghost town

Is California City a ghost town?

by Michael on February 22, 2016

As we’ve been driving around the country seeking ghost towns we came across one that was unusual; the California City ghost town has a population of over 14,000 people so why would it be considered a ghost town? A bit of background first. California City is a massive planned community that was carved out by […]

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using a cell phone overseas

Tips for Using Mobile Phones Overseas

by Larissa on January 28, 2016

Several years ago I traveled to Israel on a business trip and ran up a $900 mobile phone bill in 3 days. The coverage was good and the connection so clear that when the phone rang I forgot I was 8,000 miles from home and in “roaming mode.” BIG OOPS! It was a huge wake-up call (pun intended) […]


Standing on a corner park Winslow Arizona

Standing on a Corner Park in Winslow Arizona

by Michael on January 22, 2016

The death of Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey got us thinking about one of the group’s signature songs Take it Easy, which that was written by Frey along with Jackson Browne. Frey sang the lead vocals, one of which put a dusty old town along Route 66 forever on the map of rock and roll lyrics destinations: […]